giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Horse Lay 27-04-12

 FREE Horse Tips Lay
Sandown1.15 Rafeej 
Sandown1.50 Trader Jack 
Perth2.00 Keeneland 
Doncaster2.10 Shaleek 
Sandown2.20 Dubawi Gold 
Perth2.35 Nodebateaboutit 
Doncaster2.45 She’s Rosie 
Sandown2.55 Oojooba 
Perth3.10 Markadam 
Doncaster3.20 Pearl Secret 
Sandown3.30 Starboard 
Perth3.45 Lord Redsgirth 
Doncaster3.55 General Ting 
Sandown4.05 Morant Bay
Perth4.20 Nelson Du Ronceray 
Doncaster4.30 Ahzeemah 
Plumpton4.35 Nagpur 
Chepstow4.40 The Druids Nephew 
Perth4.50 Jaunty Journey 
Doncaster5.00 Pearl Blue 
Plumpton5.05 Inthejungle 
Chepstow5.15 Bennys Mist 
Doncaster5.35 Escape To Glory 
Plumpton5.40 Mattoral 
Chepstow5.50 Plein Pouvoir 
Plumpton6.15 Brunette’sonly 
Chepstow6.25 Derawar 
Plumpton6.50 Well Green 
Chepstow7.00 Ruben Cotter 
Plumpton7.25 Blue Hills 
Chepstow7.35 Books Review 
Plumpton7.55 Diamond’s Return 
Chepstow8.05 Heliopsis 

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