mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Horse Lay 25-04-12

FREE Horse Tips Lay
Perth2.00 Kruzhlinin
Catterick2.05 Amourous
Epsom2.15 Lost In Paris
Perth2.30 Talkonthestreet
Catterick2.40 Trail Blaze
Epsom2.50 Aiken
Perth3.00 Astracad
Catterick3.10 Art Dzeko
Epsom3.20 Cameron Highland
Perth3.30 Raajih
Catterick3.45 Bordoni
Epsom3.55 Halfsin
Perth4.05 Cottage Oak
Catterick4.15 Burns Night
Epsom4.30 Valley Of Destiny
Perth4.40 Silverlord
Catterick4.45 Cone Donkey
Hereford4.50 Amron Lad
Epsom5.00 My Sharona
Catterick5.15 Rosie’s Lady
Hereford5.25 Flaming Gorge
Kempton5.45 Mount St Mistress
Catterick5.50 Northern Bolt
Hereford5.55 Bennys Mist 
Kempton6.20 Qeethaara
Hereford6.30 The Chazer
Kempton6.50 Disposition
Hereford7.00 Diamond’s Return
Kempton7.25 Trip Switch
Hereford7.35 Midnight Charmer
Kempton7.55 Lucky Henry
Hereford8.10 Definite Ruby
Kempton8.25 Entrance
Kempton8.55 Mon Ami Jolie

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