martedì 10 aprile 2012

Horse Lay 10-04-12

FREE Horse Tips LAY
Southwell2.00 Somethingaboutmary5,2
Yarmouth2.10 Out Of The Blocks1,97
Pontefract2.20 Indieslad12
Southwell2.30 Adverse4,6
Yarmouth2.40 Knight Vision2,04
Pontefract2.50 Niceofyoutotellme 1,71
Southwell3.00 Ghostwing3,65
Yarmouth3.10 Grandad Mac3,1
Pontefract3.20 Parc De Launay 6
Southwell3.30 La Capriosa5,1
Yarmouth3.40 Final Delivery1,43
Pontefract3.50 Jeu De Roseau11,5
Southwell4.05 Red Orator4,3
Yarmouth4.15 Harry Buckle13
Pontefract4.25 Mirrored9,4
Southwell4.35 Captain Bellamy3,4
Yarmouth4.45 Jack My Boy5,5
Pontefract4.55 Finesse5,9
Southwell5.05 Fantasy Fry6,2
Yarmouth5.15 Bouncy Bouncy3,55
Pontefract5.25 Goldenveil9

Quote da verificare prima della partenza

1-LAY ODDS <@10
2-LAY ODDS <@5

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