giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Horse Lay 12-01-12

Horse Races LAY
Catterick12.45 Creekside1,76
Southwell12.55 Soopacal2,66
Fontwell1.05 Kowloon7,8
Catterick1.15 Honest John5
Southwell1.25 Piceno3,8
Fontwell1.35 Carpincho1,97
Catterick1.45 Cry Of Freedom4,2
Southwell1.55 Art Show2,62
Fontwell2.05 Bold Chief4
Catterick2.15 Shaking Hands4,8
Southwell2.25 Dashing Eddie2,7
Fontwell2.35 Pocket Aces5,2
Southwell2.55 Frosty Friday9,8
Fontwell3.05 Tarateeno11,5
Catterick3.15 Bishops Heir3,85
Southwell3.25 Lowtherwood4,5
Fontwell3.35 Local Present16
Catterick3.45 Viking Ridge5,2
Southwell3.55 Ace Of Spies
Fontwell4.05 Waterunder6
Kempton4.15 First Class11,5
Kempton4.45 Pearl Rebel2,3
Kempton5.15 Tourist3,5
Kempton5.45 Galiotto8,8
Kempton6.15 Shirataki4,2
Kempton6.45 Sunset Kitty3,35
Kempton7.15 Holy Empress7,4

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