martedì 24 aprile 2012

HRL - Horse Racing Lay

HRLHorse Racing Lay
Wolverhampton2.20 Ghazeer
Wolverhampton2.50 Bawaardi
Wolverhampton3.20 Amazing Star
Wolverhampton3.55 Hit The Switch
Wolverhampton4.30 Tenbridge
Southwell5.00 Fluctuation
Wolverhampton5.05 Lost Highway
Towcester5.20 Ours
Southwell5.30 Storm Moon
Wolverhampton5.40 Ukrainian
Towcester5.50 Native Beauty
Southwell6.00 Kingaroo
Towcester6.20 Ballygarvey
Southwell6.30 Elhamri
Towcester6.50 Orang Outan
Southwell7.00 Fennell Bay
Towcester7.25 Lead It Well
Southwell7.40 Somerset Island
Towcester7.55 Follow The Facts
Southwell8.10 Only Ten Per Cent

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1-LAY ODDS <@10
2-LAY ODDS <@5

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